Our History

Solaris Films is an Italian company, based in Tuscany and active in the whole country. We specialize in window films and special treatments for transparent surfaces. Our experience, gained on more than 25,000 buildings, makes us a solution-driven company, efficient in dealing with diverse issues such as: reduction of energy consumption, glass adaptation to legal standards for public schools, protection against glass explosion in buildings located in sensitive areas and much more. Trust the glass experts, trust Solaris Films.

Meet The Management

James Cappelli CEO

James Robert Cappelli


Francesco Esposito Marketing

Francesco Esposito

Commercial Manager

Valentina Ferrati Executive Assistant

Valentina Ferrati

Executive Assistant

Giovanni Ruscitti Executive Installation

Giovanni Ruscitti

Executive Installation

Communications & Media Manager Nicola Castellari

Nicola Castellari

Communications & Media Manager


We want to fix all the issues regarding glass surfaces. Therefore, we apply the most advanced technologies and provide the best training to our team. They are always ready to tackle our clients’ concerns and problems and offer the best solution and service on the market. At Solaris, clients are the main characters, and they are guided in every step of the way to reach the perfect fit for them.


Our vision is for eco-friendly constructions to become the norm. By providing energy-saving solutions, we want to lower buildings ecological footprint. Research shows that in 2020 by the 22nd of August, the global population ran out of all the resources available for the year. Everything we have taken after that day has been stolen from the planet. Here at Solaris, we want to guarantee a bright future to the next generations. We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we just borrow it from our children.


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