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SOLARIS FILMS SRL– info@solarisfilms.it – www.solarisfilms.it – Numero Verde 800625052 

HEADQUARTER: Loc. Bortiolo, 86/88 – 52026 Castelfranco Piandiscò (Ar) – P.I. 02223380516 – Tel. 0559107621

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About Us.

Solaris Films is an Italian company with headquarters in Tuscany that has been operating for over 30 years throughout ou country. Window films and special treatments for transparent surfaces are our field of expertise. A film applied by Solaris last a long time and gives you the maximum rate of protection you can buy worldwide.
Our experience, acquired working on over 25,000 buildings, allows us to always solve various types of problems effectively and efficiently;
reducing the energy consumption of air conditioning systems, improving comfort inside the offices, from the safety of non-compliant windows in schools to the protection against explosions in sensitive buildings.
Rely on glass professionals, choose Solaris Films.

Meet The Management

sostituzione garanzia
Giovanni Ruscitti
Executive Installation
Nicola Castellari
Communications & Media Manager
James Robert Cappelli
Valentina Ferrati
Valentina Ferrati
Executive Assistant
Commercial Manager
Francesco Esposito
Commercial Manager

Castelfranco Piandiscò (Ar)

Loc. Bortiolo, 86/88 – 52026

P.I. 02223380516